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Description: 🛫🌍 Welcome to the official WhatsApp Channel for Airports Council International - Africa (ACI Africa)! At ACI Africa, we proudly represent African airports, dedicated to fostering professional excellence in airport operations and management throughout the continent. Our goal is to advance the aviation industry in Africa, ensuring world-class standards and sustainable practices across all member airports. 📢 Objective of this Channel: Stay informed and engaged with the latest updates, news, and insights related to African airports, aviation trends, and ACI Africa's initiatives. Receive exclusive content, training opportunities, and important announcements, empowering you to be a part of our shared journey towards a thriving and dynamic aviation sector in Africa. Join us on this exciting platform and be part of the growing community that is shaping the future of aviation in Africa!

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Creation date: 2023-07-15
ACI Africa WhatsApp Channel
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